Outdoor Range

Here are some examples of our outdoor and fishing range.

Drop Point Hunter

Great heavy-duty killing knife and all round farmer’s friend. $190

Knife weight: 250g

Blade length: 7 inch (18cm)

Knife length: 12 inch (30cm)

Sheep Skinner

Most versatile hunter in the range ideal for pig-sticking, skinning and general sheath knife work. $160

Knife weight: 150g

Blade length: 6 inch (15cm)

Knife length: 11 inch (27cm)

Standard Filleter

A light and flexible blade perfect for separating fillets from bone. $160

Knife weight: 150g

Blade length: 9.5 inch (23cm)

Knife length: 14 inch (35cm)

Big-Hand Northland Filleter

Filleter designed for the big hand and big fish. $180

Knife weight: 175g

Blade length: 12 inch (30cm)

Knife length: 18 inch (45cm)

Outdoor Utilty

The light-weight outdoor all-rounder, from sticking pigs to peeling oranges, filleting fish to cutting meat, it’ll do it! $150

Knife weight: 75g

Blade length: 6 inch (15cm)

Knife length: 11 inch (27.5cm)

Hunter Sheepskinner with Samba Handle

Heavy sheep skinner blade with                                                                                   superb samba antler scales. An all                                                                                  round hunter which comes with a high                                                                              quality leather sock sheath. $260

Knife weight: 440g

Blade length: 6.5 inch (16cm)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Overall length: 15 inch (36cm)

4 thoughts on “Outdoor Range

  1. Hi
    Im interested in the outdoor utility knife for my sons 18th birthday. He has a history of hunting and fishing in the far north . Does it come with a sheath?

  2. I’d like a Sheep Skinner for my brothers 70 birthday he is an Aussie and a keen hunter, i reckon it’d be perfect. With a sheath.
    How long would it take to produce?

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