Kitchen Range

This is our standard kitchen knife range.

Measurements and images are approximates due to each knife being individually made. All prices are in New Zealand Dollars (NZ$)

All feature strong rocking motion.

Big Chef

Biggest knife in the standard kitchen range, yet still compact. This’ll do the work of a 12inch chef’s knife and has the added power of a high handle position. Ideal for chopping and heavy work. $190
Knife weight: 290gBlade length: 9 inch (23cm)Knife Length: 13.5 inch (34cm)

Medium Chef 

Great kitchen all-rounder. Medium size for quick work. $160

Knife weight: 200g

Blade length: 7 inch (18cm)

Overall length: 11.5 inch (29cm)

Small Chef

Fast knife that fits deep in the hand. Ideal for onions, garlic and small veggies – very versatile. $140

Knife weight: 130g

Blade length: 5 inch (12.5cm)

Overall length: 8.5 inch (21.5cm)

Kitchen Utility

Kitchen utility – This is our utility knife and will from peeling and paring to chopping and boning meat. Its fine blade increases cutting speed. $130

Knife weight: 100g

Blade length: 4.5 inch (12cm)

Overall length: 10 inch (25.5cm)


This is designed to be ideal in this function with a curved over blade, good point and plenty of depth near the hand. $55

Knife weight: 35g

Blade length: 2.5 inch (7cm)

Overall length: 7 inch (17cm)

Bread Knife
The ultimate cutting machine,
everything from bread and sponges          Bread Knife
to crayfish and spit roasts
Hand cut serrations – say no more. $190
Knife weight: 300g
Blade length: 12.5 inch (31cm)
Overall length: 18 inch (45cm)

3 thoughts on “Kitchen Range

  1. Great to see the website and congratulations with the Pou Pou. So happy for you all. Love always and especially to the girls! Monique

  2. Have been enjoying my “Small Chef” immensely since buying it at the A&P show in Broadwood only two days ago! Just love it! Planning to get some others as special gifts for some special people!

  3. Purchased the big chef knife from the Titarangi market last weekend and love it! I have big hands and the knife feels like it was made for me. Now I will need to get a smaller one for my partner. How much to deliver to Melbourne?

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