About The Knives

The Blade

Shark Knives are hand crafted knives made from recycled L6 steel (saw steel) recovered from the sawmills (and back sheds) of the Far North of New Zealand.

When a mill has run a saw long enough, it’s teeth begin to harden. Modern benches require a fixed diameter saw blade so the blade can’t be re-cut and are discarded. Saw steel is the best steel on the planet that is thrown away.

L6 is a wonderful material. It is alloyed to possess a variety of qualities such as evenness of temper, heat resistance, impact resilience and edge holding. It will last a lifetime and we give a lifetime’s guarentee on workmanship and materials.

On the Rockwell Scale they rate up to 58 HRC.

The Handle

The handles are made from a range of timbers, with Pōhutukawa being our main material. Pōhutukawa (Metrosides Excelsia) is an extremely tough timber native to the coast of New Zealand. It has an interlocking grain and great durability which ensures long life with an absolutely minimal chance of splitting.

Our timber is all recycled from salvaged sources.

When you receive the knife the handle will have been oil finished, so the grain will stand up on contact with water. This is a only a temporary thing and Pohutukawa is a water resistant wood. Smooth it back down with 3M Scotch Brite and oil.

Maintaining the knife

While L6 does oxidise it is very easily cleaned with a scouring pad such as 3M Skotch Brite – fold the pad over the back of the knife and wipe it clean. This removes the shoulder and means you should never need a stone. Scrub off any staining (blade or wood), dry and store. 

These knifes are readily sharpened with a butchers steel. Do not use in a dishwasher.


Shark knives are working blades and should be used as such. I am not responsible for the miss-use of my product by a customer who is being an idiot. The customer must certify that he/she is abiding by the laws of their country, and has to be aware of custom regulations and import fees. This is not my responsibility.

2 thoughts on “About The Knives

  1. Hi Peter,
    I enjoyed seeing your knives at the market in kerikeri. I think that the one that i liked best was a large bowie stylecwth a sheath. But perhaps i would like a slightly smaller version of this. Would this be feasiblecwithout being mega expensive, and if so, how would we proceed? Regards, Rodger Bamford (coopers beach)

    • If you want, I can make a knife from a cardboard profile, and the sheath can be made/arranged by yourself, or i can arrange for my leather worker to do his stuff. He costs $ 60 per sheath, the knife between $130 and $160, dependant on the work involved

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