About Us

About us…Shark Knives evolved from the experiences of Peter Griffiths, and his frustration at not being able to find a bush knife that really did the job.While working with a Seismic surveying crew in the Phillipino jungle, Pete saw the amazing versatility of the parang used by the Tagalog people. He decided that making his own was the only way to go. That was the beginning of 25 years of learning the ins and outs of knife making.Peter is trained both as a chef and in Maori woodcarving (Whakairo) thus bringing a unique blend of skills to the craft of knife making.The integral bonding of wood and steel is at the heart of his design inspiration“I make the knives completely from recycled materials in my workshop at home, where I also work as a carver.

I’ve been making knives for 25 years and as a full-time professional for 6 years, with nothing but positive feedback. My guarantee of lifetime is real, but for me, so far pointless – I’ve never had a knife returned. I have refurbished 10 year old knives that have only needed a quick rub up. So I am certain of the long term working quality of these knives.

Every knife is unique and I am happy to make to order. I make kitchen knives, outdoor knives as well as speciality commissions. These aren’t forged blades, as I take advantage of the natural qualities of saw steel. If worked cold, tempering is not an issue. Therefore my prices are a direct reflection of the labour input.

Up until now I’ve sold my knives from home or at local markets in the remote area that I live. A lot of my sales are to return customers. My 13 year daughter is forcing me to move into the online market. So here we go folks – step right up!”

– Peter Griffiths

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